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William created this website with the aspiration to enrich the quality of your life through professional Real Estate Services of high integrity, ethics and honesty. Whether your interests in properties could be investment for good returns coupled with potential capital gain, hedging against inflation, loving parents buying for the future of your children and that ideal property for your home, work and play; I shall with my utmost assist you to come to a sound decision.

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To enrich the quality of life through professional services of high integrity, ethics and honesty by being responsible to clients, management, co-brokers, stakeholders and always looking forward to fostering business relationships and strengthening trust.

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Dedicated in seeking your ideals with you

William’s career journey with the field of engineering has been systematic and enriching. His first career step came from a local precision engineering firm from 1993 to 1999. Within a highly competitive and practical environment, he was thrust into numerous projects. There were immense opportunities for him to experiment and made decisions. Within a short period, not only he has acquired most domain knowledge and skills to work effectively and efficiently, he has even outgrown his job expectations. As such he received added responsibilities as the company’s expanded, i.e. has led a team of technical specialists and oversaw the operations. His potential and willingness in taking up challenges has further propelled him in contributing to business development at strategic level. Even in the midst of these demanding business activities, he was able to complete his graduate certificate and Master degree in Engineering Science from Queensland University of Technology through evening classes.

In 1999, he had joined a large German MNC as a Mechanical Design Specialist in the R&D department. He has rolled out the processes and procedures in benchmarking vendors, continuous assessment of their qualities in delivery and cost. The department attained ISO 9001 status as well. Even as a cost center, the business unit was able to garner up to 40% profit.

In 2001, a US Multinational National Corporation, has offered him to join this market leader in the medical field. He has attained success in delivering technical training to customers and local Technical Service Engineers (TSE) in China, Korea, India, France and Brazil. Capability development was indeed his forte; he successfully identified and developed vendors in Singapore to meet process and fabrication standards as well for spare parts management. He continued to contribute in leading and completing various noteworthy projects like vaccines for multiple clients in Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Taiwan and Japan. He has also submitted 2 invention disclosures during his tenure.

In joining another century-old US MNC in 2006, he was exposed to the business of 3<sup>rd</sup> party products testing and certifications. His experience in the medical field has enabled him spearhead the medical businesses unit. The key performance indicators were meeting the annual sales budget, to generate enquires for the business and to develop his team’s capability. In reaching out new clients, as well as to engage existing ones, he has organized technical seminars and medical conferences for them. The invited participants were not restricted to local clients. Potential industry practitioners from USA, Europe, China, Japan and India have partaken in these engagement activities.

William freely shares his thoughts and ideas regarding work improvements strategies, acute mental models with his peers and direct reports. With this passion, he was invited to be one of the privileged certified in-house trainers for his company. He has conducted training for the Internal Sales Department and also Sales Managers from Thailand, Malaysia, India and Australia.

William is always driven with motivation and highly values clients’ relationships and believe in sincere services through high level of competency and knowledge.

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